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Frequently Asked Questions


We have updated the Frequently Asked Questions with the commonly asked questions.
We hope this information helps you find the answers you need.


Q: Why should my child play NFL Flag football?

  • Arizona Premier Flag Football gives your child a safe way to learn the fundamentals of football.
  • It is a good introduction to the sport, which allows them to play in a safe, non-contact format as they prepare to make the transition to tackle. 

Q:  What are the divisions?

  • Special Needs and Instructional Division (Only available at our Mesa Location)
  • 6U
  • 8U
  • 10U
  • 12U
  • 13+

Q: How many players will be on each team?

  • Typically 6-10 players are on a team, however there may be an exception that allows up to 12

Q: When/Where will games be played? 

  • Games will be played on Friday night at Red Mountain Soccer Complex for our Mesa location.
  • Games for our leagues in Tempe (Tempe Sports Complex), QC (Katherine Mecham Barney Elementary School), and Chandler (Knox Elementary) will be played Saturday. Our Vail (Mica Mountain High School) league will be played on Sundays.
  • Game locations can vary by season. Please refer to our registration page for the upcoming season. If it has not been updated then we are still working on confirming the site. 

Q: How long is the season? 

  • For Mesa, our season is 10 games which include at least the first round of playoffs. 
  • For Tempe, Chandler, Queen Creek, and Vail, our season is 6 weeks, including playoffs. 
  • Every team is eligible to participate in playoffs, which are single elimination.  

Q: What are the football sizes for each grade level? 

  • 6U-8U: Pee-Wee
  • 10U and above:  Junior


Q: Can you request teammates? 

  • Yes! While registering, you are able to request coaches and teammates. Please include their correct first and last name. 
  • During late registration, these requests are considered, but are not guaranteed as rosters have already been formed. 

Q: How much does it cost?  

  • Please refer to the “Registration Info” tab for the current league registration information and prices. 

Q: When is extra equipment we ordered available? 

  • All extra equipment will be packaged with the jerseys, which your coach will pick up during our Jersey Distribution Days, which will be 1-2 weeks before the first game. If you are missing an item after the Jerseys have been distributed, please check with the AZ Premier tent at the game location. They will have any missing or backordered items.

Q: Do we need a helmet? 

  • Short answer is no.
  • Soft shell helmets are permitted, but not required. Available at your favorite sporting goods store or online. 

Q: I forgot to buy extra uniform items.

  • You can always refer back to our "Store" under the League Info tab to purchase any extra equipment. If ordered late, it is not guaranteed it will arrive when the coach receives the rest of the team's equipment. 


Q: I requested a friend request or a coach request but my player isn't on that team. Why? 

  • Perhaps you requested to be with a player in a lower division. For example If a player is 11 (on or after Jan.1), we will not honor their request to play with a friend in the 10U grade division.
  • Perhaps you requested to be with a friend who requested to be with a coach, who already has a full team. 
  • Perhaps you requested to be with a coach who has too many requests, so in order to keep the roster at a good number for all players to get equal playing time, we had to move some players to a new team.
  • Perhaps you requested to be with a player or coach who is not registered. 


Q: I'm interested in coaching. Who should I contact? 

  • You can register right on our website. Please go to "Volunteer Opportunities" under the "Registration Info" tab. 
  • Check out our Coaches Corner page for more information including handbook and rulebook.
  • Email [email protected] 

Q: Are there resources for the coaches? 

  • We offer resources in our "Coaches Corner" tab. 


Q: When/where will practices be held? 

  • Practice times and locations are typically at the coaches' discretion. However, for Mesa, we do offer lighted fields at Fremont Jr. High for the current season. These are open from 6-9 PM upon request only, first come first served. Reach out to [email protected] for all requests. 
  • Teams will have the option to practice outside of the Saturday morning "prior to game" practices for our QC, Tempe, Vail, and Chandler locations.

Q: When will the schedule come out? 

  • The schedule comes out generally the week leading into the season.

Q: What are the rules for NFL Flag? 

  • The rule book that we adhere to is found on our website under the "Gameday" tab. 

Q: How much will my child play? 

  • We encourage coaches that it is in their best interest to allow all players to get close to equal playing time and avoid a "win-at-all cost" mentality. However, during playoffs, as it is a "one and done" format, playing time is less of a concern as all teams wish to be as competitive as possible in an effort to win the championship. 

Q: I'm not with the right coach. What do I do? 

  • If you requested a specific coach, we do our best to assign you to his/her team. Please keep in mind that the coach has the final say on their roster. Oftentimes, more than 10 kids request a coach and the coach makes the final decision on which kids he keeps. 
  • If you did not have a coaching request, then we add you to a team that is closest to your area. 

Q: My team doesn't have an assigned coach yet. Help! 

  • Given the size of our league, we do encounter a shortage of coaches. Please keep in mind that coaches are volunteers and generally have a child playing on that team. 
  • We do love when a parent steps up to coach when needed. It shows your child and the team support. We do offer resources if you have not coached previously. 
  • On very rare occasion, we are unable to find a coach for a team in which case we do our best to move the players to another team or refund the registration fees. 

Q: I have an assigned coach but I haven't heard from him/her yet. What do I do? 

  • Coaches typically receive their rosters 1-2 weeks prior to the first week to initiate contact and set up practices and provide info necessary to the start of the season. 
  • If you haven't heard from the coach by weekend prior to the first game, please contact us via email. 

Q: Do I need the mouthguard for practice? 

  • You don't have to wear a mouthguard to practice, however they are required for all games. You can purchase these at the AZ Premier tent on game days if necessary. Referees will do equipment checks prior to every game and will deem a player unable to play if they do not have a mouthguard. 

Q: My practices are too far from my location. What do I do? 

  • Practice locations can be up to 10 miles from your home/school. We have kids playing from all over the area so it is sometimes difficult to find a team that practices in your backyard. 

Q: Do you offer team photos? 

  • We currently do not have this option available at this time. 

Q: How do I see my player's team information? 

  • We utilize the Mojo Sports app. Once the team roster is finalized, you will receive an invitation to the app in an email, allowing for you register your athlete and any other "fans" you deem necessary. 

Q: I've accidentally removed the team, how do I see it again?

  • Refer back to the invitation email and re-enter the team code provided. 


Q: How do you handle playoffs? 

  • All teams will play in the playoffs. Depending on the size of the division, we may split it up so the stronger teams play each other (Gold Division) and the teams that had difficulty gathering wins during the regular season (Silver Division) get to play each other to ensure optimal competitiveness during this time. 

Q: What are the awards if we win?

  • Championship Rings!

Q: Do the instructional and special needs division players all earn an award? 

  • For this division ONLY, we provide them with participation medals at the end of the season. 

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