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AZ Premier Flag Football

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NFL Flag / AZ Premier Rules:

  • 5 v 5 (full teams of 7-10 players).
  • Each half will begin with a kickoff.
  • 2 timeouts per team per half. There is no carryover between halves. 
  • Depending on division, kickoff line will vary.
  • All passes must be forward and received beyond the line of scrimmage.
  • Only direct handoffs are permitted—there are no laterals or pitches anywhere on the field.
  • The quarterback has seven-second pass clock to get rid of the ball.
  • The quarterback can’t run with the ball unless it was handed off first.
  • Offensive players must steer clear of the rusher and may not get in his/her way.
  • Any defensive player lined up seven yards off the line of scrimmage is eligible to rush.
  • If the ball is handed off, any defender may rush.
  • Interceptions are returnable (even on extra point attempts).
  • The ball is dead when it hits the ground, the offensive player’s flag is pulled from their belt, the ball-carrier steps out of bounds, or the ball-carrier’s body—outside of their hands or feet—touches the ground.
  • All offensive flag football penalties result in a loss of down and yardage.
  • All defensive flag football penalties result in an automatic first down and some are associated with yardage.
  • NFL FLAG football is a non-contact sport. There’s no tackling, diving, blocking, screening, holding, or fumbles.
  • Small jumps for juking and regular athletic moves are permitted! Offensive player may not jump into a defender, jump to avoid a flag pull, or dive anywhere at any time for any reason.
  • Forward progress is marked by the most forward position of the ball.
  • For all possessions after a punt or that don't begin with a kickoff, the offense will start on their own 5 yard line and have 4 downs to cross mid-field to convert a 1st down, then 3 downs to convert a touchdown. 4th down is optional and if failed the opposing team starts their possession from the 4th down dead ball spot. Alternatively, the offense can "punt" to make the opposing team start their drive from their own 5 yard line.

For a complete list of flag football rules, view the NFL FLAG Football Rules.


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